Syncroness provides that missing link to your well rounded internal engineering team. Whether it is a specific skill set or a need for many hands, Syncroness will find, recruit, and hire your ideal candidate. We will then integrate into your team where you provide day-to-day and project direction, while Syncroness offers ongoing personnel management, mentorship and competitive benefits to the new employee. In addition, SYNC-Onsite™ provides the option to build hybrid teams, with some resources located at our facility and some onsite with our customers. This allows our clients to better handle spikes in workload, recruit from multiple markets and/or facilitate team composition to change over time and to better enable rapid product development on your programs.

A Seamless Extension of Your Team

Engineers Hiring Engineers

Our recruiters focus on finding the right talent based on each project and customer’s specific needs. Our engineers are a vital part of the recruiting process as they vet, interview, and onboard employees. Through on-going communication with each customer we adjust search parameters for potential engineering candidates based on feedback and changing needs. Candidates are fully vetted internally by our engineers prior to submitting to our customers for review and approval.


Flexibility to fill your requirements

Syncroness offers multiple ways to support our customers. From pricing options such as firm fixed price to time and material options, our pricing plans can fit your budgetary requirements. Choose from short term needs or long term placement, whether it be a dedicated single resource or a full team located on-site.


Personnel Management

Our placements are full-time Syncroness employees with access to competitive benefits. This allows you to manage the day-to-day project work while still having the support from Syncroness for on-going personnel management. We’re fully invested in the growth and success of our placed employee, project, and customers we serve. With regular communication and quarterly reviews, we’ll help guide personnel performance and provide mentorship, potential training opportunities, and access to engineering peers located at the Syncroness Westminster facility for support as required.

See our work in action.

Our Approach to Product Development

The heart of the Syncroness approach is our proprietary Syncroness Product Development Process (SPDP), which collects best practices developed from our quality management system and our more than 20 years of experience. It provides a shared conceptual framework that combines the perspectives of all our engineering disciplines with our cross-industry experience.

Like a powerful planetary gear set, when the SPDP (orange carrier) is paired with the guidance of our project management, systems engineering, and quality assurance teams, it enables our cross-functional project teams to work with seamless collaboration throughout the full gamut of design engineering. This structure allows our engineering teams to ramp up quickly and seamlessly integrate with our clients’ processes. It also facilitates the cross-pollination of ideas that enables us to deliver innovative solutions to our clients’ most challenging problems.

Syncroness provides the highest level of commitment and service for both our clients and our engineers when we augment our clients’ teams. We’re constantly adding high-caliber engineers to our teams to allow us greater flexibility, expertise, and a faster response to our clients’ needs. Because all of our engineers are hired as full-time Syncroness employees with competitive benefits, we are able to attract and retain the best engineering talent of all levels and expertise.