Sustaining Engineering

Syncroness’ award-winning Sustaining Engineering service takes the burden of product design maintenance off your plate, allowing your internal team to focus on new product development and introduction. Our diverse, process-driven team of dedicated engineers keeps your legacy products current through supply chain management, feature enhancement, and technical support.

Your Trusted Partner for Sustaining Engineering


It is easy for sustaining engineering projects like managing component obsolescence, firmware and software updates, and performance issues to fall to the bottom of the list or consume all your engineers’ valuable innovation time. Allowing Syncroness to manage the updates and upgrades lets you keep your focus on what is important, with the peace of mind that everything is being handled by our dedicated team.



It makes smart business sense to keep your top engineering talent focused on developing engineering design innovation that will build your business. Utilize us to keep your portfolio of products current so that you can keep your valuable internal resources doing what they do best.



For most Sustaining Engineering programs, we assign a dedicated team specialized to your project needs. This means that you can count on a consistent cost that you are able to anticipate and plan around. Transparency is a high priority for us, and we give you clear visibility into the work that we doing and the product-by-product associated costs.

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A Transdisciplinary Approach

We apply Agile product development principles and methods to enhance communication and focus the direction of the project while delivering value early
and often.

  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering