New Product Development

Everything that we do is in service to helping you achieve your goals. We don’t just say we have a customer-centered approach—we walk the talk. This is particularly important in New Product Development where we are creating something together with our customers.

Cutting-Edge Product Development


Each client and project that we work with is unique. We customize our approach to meet the specific needs of our customers. We have a wealth of resources to pull from to tailor our offerings to your needs:

  • 100+ exceptional engineers—we assign talent as needed by the product development plan
  • Deep and varied expertise—our expertise spans cutting edge and legacy technologies
  • Diverse experience—we pull from experience across many projects and industries to cross-pollinate and deliver innovative solutions
  • Proficient in multiple project management styles—we adapt our project execution style to meet the needs of the product development strategy
  • Scalable level of involvement—you can choose from our different Engagement Models to match our efforts with your needs



We deliver more than speed—we also deliver impeccably designed and executed projects. Our product development process allows us to move quickly while maintaining high standards for the quality of our work thanks to the unique way our teams collaborate. We work with you to carefully define project development requirements and then strategically choreograph our work so that team members can work in parallel, minimizing delays and the need for rework.



The quality work that we do is fueled by collaboration, both within our teams and with our customers. Since we apply Agile principles to our project development, we believe in quick and frequent prototyping. Getting working hardware and software into your hands early and often allows us to get the feedback we need from you to focus our efforts and ensure that our final deliverables meet your needs.

See our work in action.

A Transdisciplinary Approach

We apply Agile product development principles and methods to enhance communication and focus the direction of the project while delivering value early
and often.

  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering