Your Competitive Advantage

With an increasing demand for Unmanned Systems and Robotics in all industry applications, Syncroness has the necessary tools, resources, and knowledge to provide UAV, UGV, USV, and UUV customers with the ability to integrate the latest autonomous technologies, support aggressive timelines, and beat your competitors to market.

Your Trusted Unmanned Systems & Robotics Engineering Partner

From system-level integrations, power sourcing and controls, data systems and processing, payload development, and design for production manufacturing, Syncroness provides all of the necessary engineering support for companies in the Unmanned Systems and Robotics markets.

We bring over 20 years of experience as an engineering leader, designing and developing robust and complex electro-mechanical designs. Leveraging our extensive experience with Aerospace and Defense customers allows us to provide you with additional insight and talent, helping you efficiently meet program requirements and the needs of your customers. Our unique Lean and Agile product development approach allows us to develop software and hardware systems together as your turn-key solution partner; defining technical scope and identifying risks early so that we can execute rapidly while managing all interconnected dependencies.

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We excel at creative product design with specific goals in mind. We can design for assembly, manufacturability, testing, reliability, service, and safety.

Ground Control Stations

We can develop product graphical user interfaces, create systems for data management, or provide the database integration and design you need for functional ground control stations.

Optimizations of Power Systems

We can develop smart battery technology and charging systems, and improve power budgeting so that all your autonomous systems get maximum performance and run time.


We have extensive design engineering experience developing robust database applications and intuitive user interfaces so that the data you collect can be stored, analyzed, and readily utilized.

Payload Design and Integration

UAVs are being used for more applications than ever before. We can provide systems integration for multiple sensor types and form factors such as IR cameras, sniffers, and environmental sensors to enable situational awareness. Our institute of engineers can also help reduce weight, improve power consumption, and speed up computational processing.

Transition to Design for Volume Manufacturing

Our teams are adept at turning niche technologies into scalable products. We will engineer the product so it is replicable, develop all of the manufacturing documentation, and even help you find a trusted manufacturer to meet your needs.

Hardware and Software Obsolescence Issues

Electrical components go end of life all the time. Syncroness’ electrical engineering team can find or re-engineer a suitable replacement and ensure that your systems function seamlessly with the new part.

On-Demand Engineering Support

Whether you are hurrying to turn your idea into a product before your competitors, or scrambling to fill out your team to begin work on a contract that you have recently won, our highly adaptable engineers can work closely with your team to develop your product development ideas into solutions.

Custom Solutions

Since the market is opening up so rapidly, many of the engineering solutions that you’ll need don’t currently exist. We are pros at coming up with uniquely tailored products that specifically meet the needs of our customers. From custom automation and assembly tools to sensor integration on UAVs, we have the expertise to deliver impressive results.