Team Packages (Sustaining Engineering)

Case Study

Syncroness started by collecting, evaluating, and prioritizing the backlog of work across all eight product lines. Upon further review and collaboration, the appropriate solution was discovered. The client decided to streamline the existing internal team of 24 to a dedicated team of 12 Syncroness FTEs. This team package and work package engagement garnished a more effective mix of resources and skills sets to address the backlog, and included activities ranging from component obsolescence/ end of life to new feature development, and technical support.

Syncroness took on complete ownership of the priority list and execution, including stress, telemetry, Holter, and ECG/Patient Monitoring, working directly with each product team, manufacturing, QA/RA, and executive management to complete tasks. The team worked remotely in Denver serving customer stakeholders in Seattle, California, and Wisconsin while working against an ever-growing backlog of sustaining e [...]

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