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Structural Analysis: Mobile Launch Platform

Case Study

One prominent customer, a U.S. launch service provider, requested Syncroness to conduct strength analysis to support a new Mobile Launch Platform (MLP). The MLP stands 180 feet tall and weighs over 1 million pounds—needing to withstand transportation to the launch pad, forces imparted by weather phenomena, and plume loads as the vehicle launches with over 3 million pounds of thrust.

Syncroness created a team of stress analysts that completed work in parallel with customer designs, meeting the rigorous aerospace standards of AS9100. Firstly, the team successfully analyzed weldments and assemblies to transport, support, and hoist structures for testing and assembly. Then they conducted a strength analysis on booms that reach from the MLP to the launch vehicle. Finally, the Syncroness team provided assistance with the structural analysis of flight hardware components. Over the course of 2 years, the customer reduced component costs and design time, in part due to the Syncrones [...]

Structural Analysis: Mobile Launch Platform Image

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