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Medical Device Pendant Redesign

Case Study

Syncroness completes product redesign for customers, providing excellent design engineering for all of their needs. ProNova approached Syncroness with the need to redesign an existing medical device pendant. The original device was large and heavy making it inefficient for consumer use. It also would easily over heat, causing greater problems with consumer use and satisfaction. Possible measures by the company to fix these problems were not possible due to the design requirements for functionality. That’s when Syncroness stepped in to provide results.

Our company was able to complete a CFD Thermal Analysis of Electronics Enclosure allowing for solutions for the heat problem. The mechanical, embedded systems and software design were also able to be changed by our expert engineers. Syncroness provided our customer a new design that, with its reduced size, weight, and surface temperatures, is more comfortable for users. Download the case study for details [...]

Medical Device Pendant Redesign Image

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