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LH2 and LO2 Valve Simulation

Case Study

Syncroness provides designs for equipment testing that allows clients to prove their design structure to their customers. Syncroness was asked to provide valve testing simulation on a family of valves for an LH2/LO2 upper stage engine to demonstrate compliance with their customer’s requirements. To provide results, our engineers implemented finite element analysis through a vigorous testing system. Testing concluded a high degree of confidence in the simulation results based off of a close agreement of results to the calculated values given to us.

When another level of testing was run, the factors of safety did not meet the customer’s requirements. Syncroness suggested specific changes, and simulated the design modifications. The customer was able to take these results into consideration during the design stage and support an aggressive development schedule. From initial discussions in November, through delivery of analysis reports in mid-December, [...]

LH2 and LO2 Valve Simulation Image

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