Electric Toothbrush

Case Study

Time-to-market is always important in product development. Hitting your target market window can set the tone for the product’s success in the long run, and also dictates your development schedule. When we were given one year to take a new electric toothbrush from concept to production, our team worked diligently to ensure requirements were well-defined and no time was wasted in the early stages of development.

To get things started, we provided the client with 3 initial concept mockups within a few weeks of project start and down selected to the final preferred design quickly. From there, we determined which tools and features could be leveraged from existing designs and focused our efforts on the unique design requirements. Working with the manufacturing team directly, we ensured changes in the design would fit within the process and production setup that already existed and used rapid prototyping to confirm the design. The end product was a hit with [...]

Electric Toothbrush Image

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