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Electric Toothbrush

Case Study

When working on a tight schedule, it is important to identify high risk features and develop well-defined requirements. Completing this early on in product development, to avoid detrimental issues down the road, is how Syncroness was able to design an electric toothbrush from concept to production in 12 months.

This process required Syncroness and the customer to have established communication skills to allow each step of the process to be completed efficiently and effectively. Beginning with 3 initial concept mockups within a few weeks of the project start, the team and customer down selected to the final preferred design quickly. From there, we determined which tools and features could be leveraged from existing designs and focused our efforts on the unique design requirements. With features including multiple brush modes and a travel case, Syncroness provided a design that was a hit within the market and with the customer.

Electric Toothbrush Image

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