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Cytometric Sepsis Diagnostic System

Case Study

A medical device startup developed a cytometric sepsis diagnostic system that uses a novel microfluidic assay to diagnose sepsis in patients by observing if and how single white blood cells deform when subjected to hydrodynamic forces. The client asked Syncroness to turn proof-of-concept prototypes into a medical device and disposables that were ready for clinical trials while considering cost, manufacturability, and usability.

  • Delivered cytometric sepsis diagnostic system and associated disposables that were ready for clinical trials within the client’s 18-month timeframe
  • Achieved rapid sepsis diagnostic score rate—from sample to score in five minutes
  • Designed precision pressure, dynamic temperature control, and submicron motion system
  • Completed regulatory manufacturing documentation
  • Facilitated design transfer to manufacturer for production of verification units and the disposable cartridge assemblyCytometric Sepsis Diagnostic System Image

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