Cockpit Door Lock Control Unit

Case Study

Our customer’s client was having trouble with reliability on a cockpit door control system that would unintentionally lock the cockpit door, at times resulting in the cockpit crew being locked out. Our team worked within a very aggressive schedule to develop a cost-effective cockpit door lock control panel and cabin crew control panel system that not only met Classification Standard DO-254 for Aviation Hardware, but also aligned with two levels of requirements: that of the client and the client’s customer.

A multidisciplinary team that included mechanical and electrical engineers (with software engineer support) developed a system design document for early review and approval by the client’s customer. The team maintained the controls’ existing look and feel while significantly upgrading the functionality and reliability. Syncroness’ elegant hardware design eliminated the errors that the existing software was causing in the field and avoided any [...]

Cockpit Door Lock Control Unit Image

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