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Cockpit Door Lock Control Unit

Case Study

In industries such as aerospace, there is no room for error. Syncroness provides excellence in meeting classification standards to engineer innovations in the aerospace industry that fit all of our client’s needs. For this project, these needs included meeting Classification Standard DO-254 for Aviation Hardware, aligned with two levels of requirements; that of the client and the client’s customer.

Syncroness was tasked in redesigning an aviation cockpit door control system for a client who needed to improve the safety and quality of their existing product. We created a multidisciplinary team of mechanical and electrical engineers (with software engineer support), who developed an elegant hardware design. It eliminated the errors of the existing software, while avoiding any additional certification testing that can be required when changing software. This lead to the development of a cost-effective cockpit door lock control panel and cabin crew control panel system.

Cockpit Door Lock Control Unit Image

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