Syncroness is a full service engineering company experienced in all aspects of product development. We have successfully served customers in a variety of markets including medical devices and life sciences, aerospace and defense, automation, and UAV and robotics. Visit our Resource Center for examples of projects and expertise.

Getting Started with Model-Based Systems Engineering in Product Development

Webinar – Getting Started with Model-Based Systems Engineering in Product Development

You’ve convinced the powers-that-be that your company should use Model-based Systems Engineering. You’ve done an extensive trade study and picked the tool that you want to use. You’ve completed the budget and IT hurdles to put the tool into the hands of all your engineers. Now what? How does this new tool fit into your product development process? How do you capture your project’s data in the tool? Which diagrams should you use? How do you create your regulatory submission documentation?

Making Batteries Smarter

Making Batteries Smarter

These days it seems like everything is becoming a “smart” device. Even the batteries that power smart devices are becoming “smart.” A conventional battery simply exposes positive and return terminals. You’re left to figure out how to use the battery. In contrast, a smart battery looks after itself, tells you what its status is, and even lets you control what it’s doing. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But do you really need a smart battery? And if you do need a smart battery, what’s actually involved in making one?

Boosting Performance at a Modern Pace

​​​360 Degree Reviews: Boosting Performance at a Modern Pace

What were your team members doing a year ago?  Did they do brilliant work?  Was there room for improvement?  Do they even remember the details of what they were working on a year ago?  If you’re a fast-paced and dynamic workplace like Syncroness a year may be multiple projects and multiple teams of coworkers ago.  Providing feedback and setting goals once a year during an annual review, on a timescale far removed from the timescale of the work being done, can be less than ideal.

Modern Unit Testing in C with TDD and Ceedling

Modern Unit Testing in C with TDD and Ceedling

Automated unit testing is considered a key practice for delivering quality software in many software development circles. But it’s a practice that’s been slow to gain traction in the embedded software space. That slow uptake is partly due to the unique challenges of writing software that may be tightly bound to the underlying hardware, and partly due to the lack of unit testing tools aimed at the C programming language most commonly used for embedded development. 

Syncroness Community Outreach

Making a Difference in the Community

The Syncroness Community Outreach Committee encourages employees to give back to the community. We volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank of the Rockies, Bonfils Blood Drives, National MS Society, Hope House, Boy Scouts of America, Boulder Community Hospital, George Karl Foundation, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Children’s Hospital Colorado.