Systems engineering

Our disciplined systems engineering approach reduces your time-to-market, fast-tracks the commercialization of your newest products, and significantly lowers development costs.

Syncroness manages complex projects for clients in diverse industries worldwide. Early-phase planning is the cornerstone of our systems engineering methodology, enabling us to ensure product requirements are complete, unambiguous, and achievable. Our cross-functional teams build detailed specifications, improve use case definitions, and enhance requirements tracing to ensure quicker, more focused new product development and eliminate (reduce risk of) late-stage redesigns.


To ensure the utmost reliability of the work we produce, we use everything from simple tools that facilitate the precise capture and analysis of results to the latest model-based systems engineering tools like CORE®, which provide standardized, database outputs of functional analysis, behavioral modeling, constraint definition, and early verification definition. Some of the systems engineering processes and techniques we use include the following:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Voice of customer (VOC)
  • Business needs analysis
  • Functional, performance, constraint, and verification
  • Functional modeling
  • Trade studies
  • Use case scenarios
  • Functional flow block diagrams
  • Architecture definition and interface definition
  • Systems, components, and interfaces
  • Technical issues
  • Risk management
  • Verification and validation
  • Multidimensional traceability

In close partnership with you, we develop a methodical, value-added process that helps you focus on your most important strategic growth priorities and energize the productivity of your team. Our rigorous approach will increase your profitability – and give you complete control over all of your engineering activities and costs. By bringing together the right blend of personnel, technology, and expertise, we help you attain the exceptional, highly predictable results you demand.

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