Sustaining engineering

Existing products should not be a distraction to new product development – and when Syncroness assumes responsibility for sustaining engineering, you will increase speed-to-market and reduce costs.

When existing products consume budgets and expertise, companies cannot unveil new products. Today, companies commonly devote massive resources to their existing product lines at the expense of new product development.

These days, you may need to make due with less, but that doesn’t mean your future pipeline needs to suffer. Syncroness can help. We take on your current products – and quickly produce global product development strategies that:

  • Address performance issues and field failures.
  • Reduce sustaining engineering costs.
  • Increase the longevity of your existing portfolios and product-related service revenue.
  • Raise customer satisfaction levels.

Our diverse, process-driven team of engineers keeps your production lines up and running. And rest assured, we don’t attempt to supplant your core skills; instead, we channel our design and development expertise in areas that are complementary to yours. We bring you fresh ideas and processes customized specifically to the needs of your product offerings. You, in turn, gain greater flexibility in resourcing and access to a wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets.

Of course, maximizing process and product efficiencies is a demanding task, but we have the necessary vision, process development, and execution skills. Our engineers can extend the life of your product lines, managing sustaining engineering efforts involving component obsolescence, firmware and software updates, mechanical failure analyses, cost reduction and product enhancement feasibility studies, and product end-of-life services.

By joining forces, we eliminate the distractions, so you can heighten your focus on innovation and enable breakthrough results.

Download our white paper to learn how we’ve redefined sustaining engineering.