Software engineering

From writing the database on the backend, to implementing business logic middleware, to creating the GUI on the frontend, we can provide a complete solution to meet your business and customer needs.

Our highly skilled developers follow flexible, proprietary processes that ensure best practices in source control, scope management, schedule adherence, specification development, build automation, testing and bug tracking, and usability. We provide analysis and decomposition of requirements into units, which can then be continuously integrated for verification and validation. Through our project estimating and planning processes, we can help you improve predictability and better develop specifications that will meet your requirements. From there, we leverage best practices and our extensive experience to boost user interaction, improve usability, and maximize software capabilities.

  • Expertise in most modern languages, including C#, Java, C++, Ruby, and VB
  • GUI design
  • Wide OS experience
  • Device drivers
  • Web applications
  • Smartphone platforms
  • Database applications
  • Multi-threaded and client-server applications
  • Project-appropriate software lifecycles (e.g., waterfall, agile, and spiral)
  • Design patterns