Industrial Equipment

When industrial equipment is placed in service in demanding environments, it must meet strict uptime and quality requirements. With proper planning and innovative solutions, your equipment will achieve its goals – reliably and consistently.


At Syncroness, we specialize in helping clients develop industrial equipment that works in the most demanding environments. In particular, we can prototype, develop, and manage your entire project, including production of semi-automated and fully automated assembly and test systems, tailoring our skill sets to your specific demands. Our industrial equipment expertise includes the following:

  • Thermal systems and management
  • Fluid systems
  • Optical systems
  • Ultrasound
  • Power systems
  • Wireless communications and radio frequency systems

We can help you with all phases of development – from initial feasibility studies and use case development to analysis, design, and verification. Our systems engineering and project management approach serves your industrial equipment needs well – providing a proven framework to achieve the predictable results demanded by your industry.

We also ensure compliance with ever-changing requirements. Syncroness is ISO 13485 certified, which means we meet regulatory requirements for design controls. And to ensure our designs use the highest-quality and technical standards, we meet regulations for functional safety (IEC 61508) and explosive safety (ATEX and SIL).

Regardless of the industry in which you operate, we can help you design and develop innovative industrial equipment solutions. Together, we will ensure that customer and business requirements are met and engineer solutions that deliver consistent and reliable results, so you remain on the leading edge.