Commercial aviation & aerospace

New technologies present opportunities to continually alter the way we defend ourselves, how we travel, and even how far and fast we can go. For companies today, the true challenge lies in who can successfully harness this potential first.

At Syncroness, we are well versed at helping companies in the aerospace and defense industry embrace innovation while meeting strict requirements for quality and reliability.


Our aerospace and defense expertise includes the following:

  • Aircraft support systems
  • Vehicle systems
  • Laser and optical systems

We can help you with all phases of product development – from initial feasibility studies and voice of the customer research to hazard analysis, industrial design, and rapid concept development. Our team brings extensive aerospace and defense industry knowledge and experience to the table, which proves extremely beneficial in helping to reduce your costs and enhance your offerings.

Additionally, we design and manufacture production work cell systems, so you can ensure your manufacturing processes are efficient and effective. And when you need to focus on bringing new products to market, we can step in to help you maximize the life and revenue of existing products through our sustaining engineering, value analysis and value engineering services.

Syncroness is ISO 13485 certified and compliant with AS9100 for design controls. We have a strong understanding of many MIL standards, and we ensure our designs meet applicable standards for avionics including:

  • DO-160: Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment
  • DO-254: Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware
  • DO-178B: Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification

Together, we can define use cases, build risk mitigation strategies, and engineer solutions that will successfully operate in the world’s most demanding environments. Let us help you achieve predictable results from breakthrough aerospace and defense products, so you continue to remain on the cutting edge of the industry.